Developed from traditional Thai Yoga massage & Reflexology


Benefits of a Herbal Compress

Thai herbal compresses alleviate pain & inflammation by opening skin pores & transferring medicating heat to the muscles, joints & energy lines. Compress therapy helps to harmonise & relax the body, to loosen energy blockages, aids the elimination of toxins & waste products through increased lymphatic circulation & detoxification. Restores the body’s vital energy flow through the stimulation of the Sen Lines (energy lines that run through the body). Materials such as eucalyptus & camphor act as decongestants for the lungs & sinuses. Using hot compresses on the chest, throat & sinuses can loosen mucous & open up the nasal passages.Smelling & inhaling herb-infused vapours induces deep relaxation. Many herbs have a balancing effect on the mind, & help to reduce stress.


What to expect from a Herbal Compress Treatment

Treatments are from 90 mins, this is so the whole body & all of the sen lines are worked. When possible the compress will be used on bare skin loose cotton clothing should be worn, as other man made fibres affect the heat & also block the properties of the herbs getting into the skin. Wear darker colours, if possible, as the compress can leave a mark but this will wash out.

The compress will be used to warm up the Sen lines & to help ease tension before working more deeply on an area of the body. Where appropriate inhalation therapy may be used by placing the compress near the nose. You will be made a herbal bath infusion to take home to use that evening to further promote a feeling of calm & to increase the benefits of the herbs on the body & mind.


Thai herbs & their medicinal properties

Lemongrass as a treatment for colds, fevers, coughs & indigestion. It also is known to treat nausea, stomach pain & vomiting, sprains, bruises & sore muscles.

Eucalyptus is an extremely effective remedy for colds, sinus & lung problems, cough, & asthma. Symptoms are relieved by inhalation of the vapours & topical application to the chest, throat, & the area under the nose, can be used topically on infections & skin burns.

Camphor is a strong decongestant, & is inhaled to treat colds, congestion, sore throat, cough, sinusitis & bronchitis.

Ginger as a topical application, it has strong antiseptic properties, & it treats bacterial & skin infections & acne. Ginger is a powerful stimulant, & aids in digestion, control of flatulence, diarrhoea de, vomiting, colds, sore throat, insomnia, heart disease, acid indigestion, irregular menstruation. 

Peppermint leaf is considered a hot & aromatic herb in Thai medicine, & is a common treatment for stomach pain, nausea & indigestion. The aroma is delightful when steamed in compresses, & the vapour treats nervousness, insomnia & stress-related conditions such as exhaustion & headaches, can calm coughing & relieve asthma..

Salt is an important ingredient inherbal bath infusions. It cleans & opens skin pores, thereby facilitating the transfer of medicinal properties. It is wonderful for softening & rejuvenating the skin. Salt eases muscle aches, & relieves sunburn, rashes, & skin irritations. 

Galangal is traditionally used to cure skin diseases, & is now used in spa treatments as an ingredient in body wraps to soothe & nourish the skin.

Kaffir lime is used as a digestive aid, medicinal properties in the leaves cleanse the blood & maintain healthy teeth & gums.


Thai Herbal compresses are used during:

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Foot Massage


After your treatment you will be given your herbal compress to take home.

This can be re-steamed and used on any areas of tension and then used as a bath infusion which will further enhance your treatment. 

The compress should be refrigerated until use and used within 48 hours.