Developed from traditional Thai Yoga massage & Reflexology


Thai foot massage is relaxing & invigorating to the feet & lower legs. It promotes general well being & harmony to the receiver. Some of the benefits of a Thai Foot Massage are;

  • Improves circulation to feet & legs
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage which aids removal of toxins & boosts immunity
  • Stimulates function of all internal organs
  • Improve flexibility
  • Release tension in feet, ankles & legs
  • Can help with insomnia, stress and stress related issues 
  • Can relieve and prevent common ailments such as asthma, migraines, sinusitis, headaches, PMS, insomnia, stress

Treatments are available from 30 mins at £30.00 to 60 mins at £45.00.


What to expect and what to wear

You be laying down on a floor mat, laying on a treatment couch (where available) or can be seated in a chair for this treatment.

The massage will work the up to just above the knee so lose clothing that can be drawn just above the knee is essential.

Grapeseed oil and essential oils will be used in this treatment working on the foot and lower legs and around the knee.


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